Domaine des Foulards Rouges Octobre Rouge 2013


I’ve been a fan of this nouveau wine since I tried my first vintage at the Caves Augé in 2011. Every year on the third Thursday of November, I make a point of seeking out a case or two to take home but it’s actually rather rare that a bottle will remain in my cellar long enough to be able to drink the wine the following year in the sunshine.

This year’s precocious spring has fortunately allowed me to buck the trend.

Upon serving, the beautiful colour is immediately striking. A dusky violet, which doesn’t seem particularly representative of the 100% syrah that makes up this vivacious libation to Bacchus.

If you really don’t like carbonic maceration then you’d best stay away. It is a style that doesn’t press every wine drinker’s buttons. In this particular wine, there is a lot of excess gas and it should be handled accordingly.

Although I didn’t find this year to be as expressive as past vintages, it still carries through on its light, fruity, juicy promises. Cherries and dark plums. A little chalk minerality. Soft. Best drunk slightly chilled. It’s not at all complex, but at 11.5%, it’s perfect for lunches in the sunshine, picnics or sundowners. Un vin de soif.

There’s a slight astringency to the finish that I find rather off-putting… but nothing that can’t be rectified by taking another sip. 


Rating: ***


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