“Trade Lunch” – a new idea for wine industry people in Paris


A play on the word “trade” being both a description for those within a certain industry as well as an exchange.

The idea is very simple. For wine industry folk who have nothing else planned for their day off, we gather together pour un moment de partage – to sit down and share.

I’ve long been convinced that the wine folk in Paris are more than ready to discover new wines – you might even go as far as saying that I’ve got myself a bit of a reputation here for this fetish.

Rather than being told what to think by a sales rep, the idea of each person bringing a bottle and letting the wine speak for itself seems very appealing.


“If you work in the wine industry, it’s probably because you’re curious, you like to discover new things, and you like to surprise your friends.”


If there is enough support from the community, I envisage that the Trade Lunch will be repeated every 6 weeks or so.

The first one is being held in my apartment – where I often hold supper clubs and wine tastings, if you didn’t already know – but I’m hoping that as time goes by, other people will volunteer to host.

Initial reactions

Arthur Petillault (formerly of L’Hedoniste, restaurant in the 2nd): “one bottle per person, it’s the perfect ratio.

Philippe Cuq (Au Lieu Dit Vin, independant retailer in the 20th): “I think the idea is excellent!

Max (head sommelier at Maria Loca in the 4th) “Super idea. I’ll be bringing something different which I love and I hope that you will all like it too.”

Interested? Click here for the invitation (in French.)

If you are a winemaker or distributor and you would like to put forward a bottle for us to try, please feel free drop me a line.


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