Pizza and Chiaretto: Crisp and Crunch at Vinitaly 2016


This post comes to you from the Press Room in the Vinitaly Press Centre.


There’s free coffee, free wi-fi and a comfortable chair. After a long day of tastings, I can’t tell you how happy I am to settle down in this swizzly chair and rock out to a bit of Bon Jovi… (through my headphones and therefore only playing my air-guitar silently, unfortunately.)

There must be about thirty people at their computer screens here, all diligently filing pieces for the end of the day. I have my own article – Young to Young – which I have to publish before 6pm today.

It’s now 5.30pm already but I’m going to need another couple of coffees before I hit that 6pm deadline because I’m still buzzing with the Chiaretto wines that I had over lunch.


Very few people know of Bardolino wine. It is the name of a village on the east coast of Lake Garda, in the Veneto, but it’s also the name of the wine-making region in this area.

It became a DOC in 1968, thereby being one of the longest established in Italy but today, it remains relatively unknown. The main grape varieties are the same as for the nearby Valipolicella hills; namely, Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella.

Bardolino wines are not nearly as powerful as Valipolicella reds and this is commonly attributed to the fact that
Bardolino uses a higher percentage of the relatively neutral grape Rondinella. The Bardolino wines tend to be on the lighter side and therefore slightly more acceptable for daytime drinking!

I wasn’t just drinking Bardolino wines at lunch, no, these – as I said before – were Chiaretto.

Simply put, Chiaretto is the rosé version of Bardolino. The same varieties, but even easier to drink. They’re the perfect summer wine. Crisp, refreshing and, with dominant fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry, delightfully pleasant to drink.

They are perfect pairing for simple food like pizza, focaccia and to accompany an aperitif in the sunshine.

As soon as the sun comes out in France, the UK or wherever you are… look out for these wines and give it a try!


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