Coronavirus Takes More Victims


VinNatur Genova, Genova Wine Festival, Live Wine… That’s just the start of the wine fairs in Italy which have been cancelled because of this dasted virus.

Angiolino and Alessandro Maule packing up unused wine glasses after VinNatur Genova falls victim to the coronavirus restrictions.

I’m writing this on Monday afternoon when I should have been in full swing at VinNatur Genova. Unfortunately, at 8pm last night, we got a phone call saying that we wouldn’t be allowed to open to the public today because the authorities were imposing a lockdown. It then provoked a chain reaction: informing exhibitors, cancelling orders for the next day, and replying to those who wanted a refund on their now obsolete tickets.

The next victim was the Genova Wine Week – the long-awaited week of tastings and winemaker dinners, which was supposed to finish with the Genova Wine Festival. All cancelled.

Next up on any winelover’s calendar is Live Wine (1-2 March) in Milan, which was supposed to have Alice Feiring as a special guest. That’s bitten the dust too.

As we drive back, the elephant sitting in the car with us is what happens about Vinitaly (19-23 April.) It’s too early to say because two months are an eternity when radio bulletins are providing us with unwanted updates every 15 minutes. Maybe by that point, the restrictions on public and private events will be lifted, but who’s going to come? It’s now when the buyers and journalists are purchasing their tickets and reserving hotels. Given the international audience Vinitaly attracts, the damage will already have been done.

Watch this space but keep your fingers crossed.

Secolo XIX highlights the disappointment following the restrictions:

Intravino also poses the question about Vinitaly:

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Takes More Victims

  1. I don’t really understand why the wine fairs are cancelled but not music events and especially football matches? Naturally I am not complacent about the virus, but what happens next? Supermarkets, hospitals, schools?

    • Apparently football matches and concerts are cancelled too. Schools, universities, public libraries are closed – even my gym is closed until March 1st (at least.) Stupidly though, trains etc are still running so you can sit on a train next to a total stranger but Angiolino’s jazz band (made up of about 10 pensioners) has had their “big concert” cancelled.

      • Wow, I knew it was getting heavy in Italy but was not quite aware of what is going on. Good luck. Here we are going about things as normal but we shall see for how long.

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